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Jump to: navigation, search is a website on Science, Modelling and Risk Assessment, using deductive thinking approaches and free / open source software. The main idea is to present methodology for Science and Research. The topics which this site is focused on in its beginning, would be modern epidemiological models, linear models, generalized linear models and meta-analysis, and predictive microbiology models as growth/death models using time and other factors affecting pathogens.

On this wiki of the website material and methods for the above areas will be presented and discussed. The wiki is a form of communication and anybody is welcome to contribute to this public discussion. Although the administrator will try to watch for undesired material, this cannot be guaranteed. Please don't use copyrighted material, but only work that can be freely distributed. Please take also a look at the section DeductiveThinking_Wiki:Copyrights for more information on publishing your work and citing the website and the wiki.