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Deductive thinking is the type of human thinking that is needed to understand and create. Although deductive thinking is a property of the humankind, the extent at which it will be developed for each individual, depends on the inputs of his/her environment and can be developed further with exercise.

Deductive reasoning was developed by Aristotle, Thales, Pythagoras, and other Greek philosophers of the Classical Period (600 to 300 B.C.). The base of the today's set theory was developed by Georg Cantor and has its origin at his work done between 1874 and 1884. The relationship of inductive and deductive thinking with the set theory will be depicted in this section. More over the relationship of the set theory with the probability theory will also be described and elaborated.

As inductive thinking or induction is considered the scientific approach from the specific to the general, creating a theory, while deductive thinking or deduction follows the opposite way, where combining theories a new theory is built and tested / validated from field data. More analytical information and examples on induction and deduction you could find following the links for each of these.

In this section you can find:

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