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DeductiveThinking Wiki is a scientific risk assessment and modelling website. This wiki, that we like to call Wiki of Knowledge, is focused on Science, Modelling and Risk Assessment, using inductive and deductive thinking approaches and free/open source software tools. The main idea of this wiki is to present methodology for Science and Research. The topics which this site is focused on in its beginning, would be modern epidemiological models, linear models, generalized linear models and meta-analysis, and predictive microbiology models as growth/death models using time and other factors affecting pathogens. Although, in this early stage food safety is targeted, the same principles apply also to other fields, as biological, medical and business modelling and risk assessment. Exploring this website you can find:

On this wiki of the website materials and methods for the above areas can be found. You can select one by clicking one of the areas listed above or you can return to the DeductiveThinking main website. Also you could try to the DeductiveThinking Blog, where news and events regarding to the risk assessment, modelling and free/open source software are presented.

The wiki is a form of communication and anybody is welcome to contribute to this public discussion. We like to call it Wiki of Knowledge, because hopefully it will concentrate material and methodology, applicable directly to Science or to Business. In this way, the reader will be able to find easily helpful information on his work concentrated in a stored knowledge-base.

Although the administrator will try to watch for undesired material, this cannot be guaranteed. Please don't use copyrighted material when you write articles or upload media files, but only work that can be freely distributed. You are also advised to take a look at the section DeductiveThinking_Wiki:Copyrights for information on Licenses and Publishing at this wiki. The material published in DeductiveThinking wiki is under GNU Free Documentation License v.1.3, while the examples of programs are under GNU General Public License v.3.0.

For any questions about wiki works please consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

--Ilias.soumpasis 22:25, 4 December 2008 (UTC)