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This section will be devoted on Modelling techniques for different kind of needs. Material and methods will be provided.

There are different types of modelling techniques, some of which are mentioned below. The list of modelling techniques is not full and will be updated from time to time.

  • Modern epidemic models, which can be either deterministic or stochastic, and also spatial. There would be a special section on this type of modelling. Also, material can be found at the wiki of this page. The reader who is interested in this type of modelling should take a look at the Epidemiology section of the wiki, where many different epidemic models are presented for demonstration reasons, These are the Python programs for the Book of M. Keeling & P. Rohani "Modeling Infectious Diseases in Humans and Animals". You can read more at the Python_Programs_for_Modelling_Infectious_Diseases_book section of the wiki.
  • Linear models, generalized linear models and other regression models
  • Predictive microbiology models as growth/death models using time and other factors affecting pathogens, which are a special case of the above types of models
  • Other regression models as Zero-Inflated Poisson and Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial for special cases of modelling where there are many zeros in the distributions
  • Meta-analysis, a new technique to synthesize different sources of data and to put weights at regression models.

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