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This page will focus on Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment. It will be focused mainly on Quantitative Risk Assessment and methods to be used. Risk Analysis may have applications in different fields, business and scientific. A small introduction on Risk Analysis in Food Safety is available for the moment, while in the future, methods, applications and examples will be provided.

Risk Analysis in Food Safety

Within the context of food safety, risk analysis is used to quantify the risks caused by food-borne hazards to human health, and to identify, assess and implement appropriate measures of intervention to control the risks. According to the Regulation EC No.178/2002 [1] of the European Parliament, risk analysis should be seen as a structured decision-making system comprised of three highly interrelated components: risk management, risk assessment and risk communication. The role of ‘risk managers’ is generally played by governmental food safety officials, who have the ultimate responsibility for selecting and implementing the most efficient food safety control measures. Thus, risk managers need to fully understand the logic and the outcome of a risk assessment study in order to make appropriate risk management decisions.

A risk assessment team should ideally be an interdisciplinary team that may include experts with biological, chemical, toxicological, food technology, veterinarian, epidemiological, microbiological, statistical and modelling background. A series of models such as epidemiological models, mechanistic models, bacterial growth models, survival models, dose-response models, attribution studies, generalised linear models and/or Meta-analysis models can be harmoniously combined in order to find precise estimates of the risk of a food-borne hazard..

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