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Ilias Soumpasis is a veterinarian (DVM) and holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA). He is currently working as a researcher in the department of Food and Health, at the School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine at University College Dublin (UCD) in Ireland. He is focused on Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment in Food Production Chain and his research interests include the following topics: deterministic and stochastic modelling of dynamic biological procedures at the food production chain using epidemic, linear and generalized linear models, meta-analysis, growth/survival models. For his work he has to do a lot with scientific programming, mainly using Free/Open Source Software, such as Python programming language, R statistical language and environment and Gnuplot. His work can be found as articles in peer reviewed journals, presentations at international conferences or contribution to books. In his free time he is learning and working on Linux and Free/Open Source Software and he is contributing to open source projects by different means, such as, code, translations, feedback and more. The results of these free time activities are available over the internet and part of these activities will be concentrated in this website and wiki. You can find more information about his work and his interests at his personal page on the website and you contact him at the following e-mail address: