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"RKWard is meant to become an easy to use, transparent frontend to the R-language, a very powerful, yet hard-to-get-into scripting-language with a strong focus on statistic functions. It will not only provide a convenient user-interface, however, but also take care of seamless integration with an office-suite. Practical statistics is not just about calculating, after all, but also about documenting and ultimately publishing the results. RKWard then is (will be) something like a free replacement for commercial statistical packages. And of course, it is free (as in free speech)." (from RKWard website)

Ilias Soumpasis is contributing in the development of this software mainly writing plugins in a mix of PHP, R and XML, but also with translation in Greek, suggestions and testing.

RKWard for the moment runs only on Linux platforms, but it will ported soon on Windows also. At the moment there is a version for KDE 4 (0.5.0d) and a version for KDE 3 (0.4.9b) that are maintained. Pre-compiled binaries and build scripts for many linux and BSD distributions can be found at RKWard wiki page.

Some pre-compiled versions for Ubuntu 8.10 and its derivatives for both R version 2.8.1 and 2.9.0 are listed at the RKWard page of DeductiveThinking.com.

Please note that these pre-compiled installation files are unofficial and offered "as is" without warranty of any kind and distributed under GNU General Public License as RKWard itself.